House Painting Questions Answered

Is spraying cheaper than brush painting?
Spraying is a faster process so it is cheaper.

Does spray painting the interior go through the air ducts?
Fresh Paint makes sure that the vents are covered and we request that the homeowner shut off the air during the interior painting process.

I have stone around the exterior of my house, how will that be protected?
Fresh Paint will cover all stone and brick areas to protect them from the paint being sprayed.

If you paint my windows will I be able to open them once the paint dries?
After painting, FreshPaint will go through and clean the windows and make sure they open and close smoothly.

Why is the exterior paint on my home fading?
Ultraviolet rays tend to deteriorate paint binders. Look for an exterior paint that contains UV inhibitors or pigments that absorb or reflect the sun's damaging rays and keep them from reaching the substrate under the paint film.

Dark colors typically fade faster than light colors -- this applies to both interior and exterior surfaces.

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